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Non-Sport Events Hosted by Marvel

The Marvel Stadium in Melbourne is one of the most loved venues and landmarks in the city. It not only hosts some of the major matches in a variety of sports from soccer, to rugby to cricket but is also home to some of the biggest non-sporting events in the city. It is a large part of the cultural picture of Melbourne and is a great entertainment hub. 

The stadium has a retractable roof that can ensure optimum ambience for the audience always. The maximum opening and closing time of the roof is 20 minutes. Even with the roof open, 98% of the audience sit behind the drip line barrier of the roof. The stadium has been built to master versatility. It can be configured to host a variety of sports and entertainment events. The lower tiers can be made either rectangular or oval to host field sports and other events that require a stage.  The capacity of the stadium is close to 56,000.

Types of Non-Sporting Events hosted at the Marvel Stadium 

  • Music Concerts 

Music gets as many as fans to the Marvel Stadium as sports do. The stadium mostly has a jam-packed schedule for concerts, especially around the festive season. Many top-level musicians and celebrities have made appearances and conducted shows at the stadium. Check the top ticketing sites or its official website to know more about the future events at the stadium!

  • Conferences 

Marvel Stadium has an extensive collection of venue spaces which can be hired for any form of non-sporting event. It is highly in demand because each room is filled with luxury, finesse and all modern facilities that can be offered. Some of the rooms in the Marvel Stadium are specially provided for businesses conferences and networking events. There is state of the art, projectors, screens, audio and visual systems to cater to the business requirements. Also, one can choose between the type of seating they wish from the banquet, theatre, cocktail and cabaret. Spaces are available from 50 Capacity all the way up to 2000. 

The Different Non-Sporting Events Hosted by Marvel
  • Cocktail Parties 

Want to host the best cocktail party in town? Marvel Stadium offers one of the best formal venues in Melbourne. It has recently constructed special cocktail places such as the Southside Place which has a capacity of 300. They have been designed with the latest trends in mind and all feature a world-class bar. Enjoy a drink along with spectacular views of the Melbourne Skyline and the Arena!

  • Weddings 

If you are looking to organize your wedding in style, then this is the place. The Marvel Stadium has multiple venue offerings which can be customized and decorated to host a grand wedding. One of them is the Studio. They can be arranged to host any number of guests you wish and following that each room is equipped with all that you need for a beautiful wedding. 

And many more!

The possibilities are endless! Whether it is a business dinner, custom team event, presentations, workshops, small – scale concerts, the stadium can be the home for everything! Each of its room can be customized for the need you require. If you wish to host a grand event at this venue, contact the venue and ask for the room which is best suited to your needs. Go through the facilities, the budget and make a great choice. Work, celebrate and enjoy one of the best places in the city!