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Top Sports for Children’s Development

Kids need productive ways to burn off excess energy and keep fit, and playing sports is a great way to do just that. Check out our top recommendations for kids and all the benefits that come from participating in them.

Kids need to have real fun for their health, not only that, and it helps you keep your sanity too. Team sports like baseball or volleyball help kids channel that energy while improving their health and learning about teamwork. Participating in sports will strengthen them both physically and mentally.
Besides providing them fun and social way to exercise, participating in these kinds of sports can teach children lessons on being good team-players, how to talk to kids their age and follow instructions from adults, how to deal with pressure, how to be a leader and many more. Kids also learn perseverance, sportsmanship and how to deal with losing and to come back from it while playing sports.

All these experts agree that it doesn’t matter which sport they like as long as they are joining. And they shouldn’t just try to love one sport. They believe that kids should attempt different types of sports for several reasons. If they don’t try everything, they won’t know which one they’d like best. Also, various activities will improve different physical skills and create better athletes. Not only that, different sports will expose kids to different situations and people. Most kids will also be prone to burnout and repetitive motion injuries if they do one sport all year round. Consider these sports for your kids.

Soccer: This team sport improves endurance and foot coordination (the ability to make turns quick, react fast and maintain balance). An excellent choice for boys and girls as young as six years old who want to get out and about.

Baseball: This slightly slower sport will help kids focus and pay attention, and improve hand-eye coordination.

Basketball: A fast-paced game like basketball is good for kids to learn control of their body through defence and offence. Nothing better than wearing basketball team uniforms to foster teamwork and sportsmanship. Great for social and outgoing children who have all the basketball apparel and support their sporting heroes like LeBron James.

Skiing and Snowboarding: This sport will help kids keep focus and plan their path. A fast-paced and high adrenaline sport for the very courageous and energetic children who are not afraid of the cold.
Swimming: Swimming teaches kids to control their breathing, attention to detail and proper form. Swimming is also a vital life skill, and it is encouraged that all children participate in basic swimming lessons.

Golf: This is often for adults but also help kids develop control, depth perception, and strategy.
Tennis: this sport is all about thinking fast and developing adequate technique and arm strength. Tennis is great for kids who are active individuals and who are naturally competitive.

Volleyball: This is great for kids to learn teamwork and to communicate with their team. There are a few variants such as beach volleyball and number of players per team.

Lacrosse: If you are blessed with a lacrosse league nearby, it can teach offensive dodging and is good to practice their peripheral vision.

Gymnastics: This Olympic level sport improves balance, strength, and confidence. Popular amongst girls there are several apparatus to try as well as rhythmic gymnastics.

Martial Arts and Wrestling: Martial arts promote strength and hand/feet-eye coordination. These sports require strenuous strength and conditioning training as well as traditional fighting techniques. A great option that also teaches self defence skills. There are different styles to suit such as Greco roman wrestling to try. Many academies have tailored kids wrestling classes that are safe and fun where the foundations are learned.

Figure Skating: Both genders can practice gracefulness and enhance perseverance through skating. Figure skating is fun and challenging so head down to your local rink and try it out.

Hockey: This rough and rugged game practices quick thinking, decision-making skills and learning to make sacrifices for the team. A team sport that involves high levels of cardio and teamwork.

Archery: A reserved and individual sport that practices aim and accuracy as well as self-control and patience.

Biking: Your child can learn road rules and safety and develop their endurance while biking. Cycling is a good idea as a family activity for the weekends.

Football: Australian rules football is popular amongst local communities as well as rugby and touch football. This game practices teamwork and encourages kids to do their best to help the team win.

Running/Cross Country: This is an excellent activity for kids because of absolutely no skill to start and has low equipment costs, but they will develop their endurance and help them push themselves to their personal bests.

Dance: Your child will get very good at memorising dance sequences, and with different dance styles such as ballet, tap, and hip-hop, it is so easy to find a dance genre that fit their personality. Dance also presents the opportunity to perform on stage at concerts and competitions.

To kids, having fun is the number one reason for playing sports. So it is crucial that your child tries to enjoy the sports they are joining in. If she or he has a go at one that they don’t like, encourage them to finish out the game or the season and fulfil their role in the team before moving to another sport.