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Are Melbourne’s Café’s the Best in the World?

Does Melbourne have the world’s best cafes? It’s a hard race with so many gorgeous café countries, but we do not doubt that Melbourne is up there as one of the best. There are many reasons why Melbourne is regarded as one of the best café destinations, that is known news to us. However, we have compiled a list of why, from the friendly community culture to the unique flavoursome coffee style that cannot be replicated.

1. Neighbourhood and Community Vibe

One thing about Melbourne cafe’s is that there isn’t any template for establishing a café. The top cafe’s are embedded in their own neighbourhoods, and choose their personality from them in food and design and at the people who visit them. Each cafe is unique and genuinely adopts a character of its own, that reflects the local people and environment.

2. They are not all in Fitzroy

Even if occasionally it seems like all the trendy cafes are in one cluster, it is definitely more spread out than that. Superior cafes are dispersed through suburbs as varied as Reservoir into Brighton, Carnegie, Werribee, Burwood and all around the city. Wherever the setup, there will be fresh-faced eager customers keen to try the creative, delicious food and freshly ground coffee as well as a good chat and friendly space.

3. Not Only for Hippies

There could be colourful tattoos, giant eyeglasses, craft beards and skinny jeans although not everybody can pull of these eccentric looks. It is hard to pull off that hippy vibe if you are popping down for a work lunch or catch up with your conservative relative, Melbourne’s cafes are welcoming and accepting of all. Most definitely you see employees swinging corporate lanyards or in their tradesman vests, parents with prams and clusters of children and dog-walkers with poodles, frenchies, and pugs. We’re catching up with old friends, indulging in a household ritual, carrying pre-schoolers for a morning walk, contingency plans to get a job, focusing on a thesis or only out for the day. A café is a diverse and versatile place for all activities.

4. The Communal Dining Table

A large, very low table created for lounging near the floor or a high dining table with stools to suit may function as symbols of ancient 21st-century Melbourne civilisation. The communal table is among the vital ways our cafes indicate themselves shared public spaces in which the sole cost for taking part is that the price of a cup of coffee. The best thing about communal tables is that it allows people to come on their own and still feel part of a warm group. You can bring your laptop, read the newspaper or just there to enjoy your food and coffee as you watch the world go by. The communal tables at our cafes don’t have any time limitation on them.

5. Start-up Culture

Cafes are remaking Melbourne’s public area, and though they’re still about eating, it is local and private, and the owners are for the most part small business entrepreneurs. They are generally young, entrepreneurial and lively, an indication which you’re able to make your way in Melbourne using a fantastic thought and hard work. Cafe’s provide us an enlarged awareness of what it means to dwell in this town, with a vibe of community and kind nature which cannot be replicated by chain stores and shopping centres. It feels good to enjoy a great meal and know that you have helped someone establish their cafe dreams, having a chat with the barrister or owner will make you realise that these people are truly passionate what they do.

6. The Architectural Environment

In Melbourne, you will see cafes built into abandoned warehouses, shipping containers, university libraries, historic buildings and everything in between. The interiors are always an aesthetic masterpiece, some cafes look more like a beautiful museum display rather than a place to get coffee. In one cafe you will feel like a little bird in a pastel coloured cubby house, and in others, you will be sitting on a tree stump in an industrial setting. The diversity makes Melbourne cafes feel like an architectural exhibition showcase with great food and coffee.

7. The Best Coffee on Earth and Locally Sourced Food

Melbourne’s espresso tradition extends back over half a century. IT has truly developed into its own unique style and taste. It is nothing like Italian coffee, Melbourne locals prefer the 100% Arabica beans which create that distinctive aroma and taste. Melbourne is in the outer edge of sourcing, roasting, and brewing specialty coffee, using filter-style brews and single origin espresso on a lot of cafe menus. We regularly create the record of the world’s greatest coffee towns. Additionally, uniqueness and assortment found in Melbourne’s bistros is not seen anywhere in the world. Brunch as locals call it could vary from the classic poached egg and avocado to a fusion of Asian flavours and breakfast burgers. One thing is guaranteed, all the dishes are prepared with the best fresh food and seasonal produce, making it even more delicious.